Update: 25 June, 2010

There have been no updates to name pages since Fall of 2003. As of June 2010, having pulled the site back out of the moth balls, it is my intention to complete (as much as possible) Generation 6 thus completing what I consider to be "the base" and detailing the establishment of the major Acadian settlements where we find the name Chiasson and derivitives.

Generation 7 and onward may not be added. This remains to be seen and will depend upon getting help from others. Having firmly established the origin and meaning of the name, the path of migration from Switzerland and through France, and the first 6 generations in the "new world" I have completed what I initially set out to do. The rest I will consider "bonus" if it happens.

"What's In A Name?" has been updated to include information provided to me by Brant Chaisson of Florida (formerly of Houma, Louisiana) after his April 2010 trip to Chiasso, Switzerland.

It must be noted that it has been Brant Chaisson's enthusiasm, determination and passion that inspired me to once again put this site online. Thank you, Brant!

Because of the vast number of inquiries for information and my very limited time, I will be setting up a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page but that will not be online until perhaps August of 2010.