How Reliable Is Information On-Line?

Good Question! I am glad you asked. If you don't read anything else today on genealogy, please read this. This is something you really need to be aware of.

The fact is, a lot of people are searching out their family trees and their family history these days. And with internet, one would think the job would be made a lot easier. Well, it is not quite like that.

Information can be exchanged at lightning speed, we can communicate so much more easily and there is so much more information available now, BUT the big question has now become... "How much of this can be taken as truth?"

Quite simply, there are statistics online that are incorrect, not only on small personal pages but also on large GedComs and sites we might readily assume would be correct. The important thing to keep in mind always, is that your search doesn't end with finding the information. That is only the beginning. It will always be up to you to contact a reputable genealogical society or organization or someone who is known to be doing good quality research, to verify what you find online.

As for this site, a great amount of time has been invested into cross-referencing data, confirming it with other reputable collections, and adjusting whenever hard fact surfaces in the form of certificates and reliable records. My sources are listed on the Master Index page. If you have reliable proof that any data on this site is incorrect, please notify me immediately and we can sort it out. My primary objective is to make this data correct.

Thank You. Good Luck With Your Searching.