Genealogical Archive
compiled by: David L. Chiasson


Last Update: 25 June, 2010
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About The Project:

This web site is the result of a genealogical search I began in 1985. It has been a very long, very slow process but there have been major stepping stones along the way.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to the many who have helped me in various ways with this project. There are too many to name but I want each of them to know how much I appreciate their work and their generosity in contributing to the success of this archive.

This web site is graciously hosted free of charge by CCN (Chebucto Community Net), Halifax, NS ... a community based internet service provider of the highest quality, who are also dedicated to the support of community oriented societies and organizations.

FREE! ... Correct! The information in this archive has been either collected by myself or contributed by many other amateur genealogists with the intention that it will be shared freely. There will never be any fee charged for the information in this archive.

What You Will Find Here:

Articles / Notes:
General commentary, historic notes and articles of interest related to our family history and genealogy.

Picture Gallery:
Pictures of interesting people and places related to the building of this archive, and/or related to our family history and genealogy.

Master Index:
Every name in the Master Index will be a clickable link and every page interlinked with previous and next generations. It is quite different from any other on-line archive I have ever seen. I really hope you like the concept. The first six generations will be listed and serve as a base. Beyond that it will remain to be seen whether or not the Master Index will be expanded.

User Guide:
A practical guide to understanding the way the information is presented in this archive and tips on how to use it effectively.

Below there are also a number of links on this site to other collections or to other places of interest.

Acadian Genealogy & History Links
Some sites are French only, but there is a link to a Translator/Dictionary.
Please e-mail me about bad links, or if you have a link you would like to add.
FR= France // NB= New Brunswick // NF= Newfoundland // NS= Nova Scotia
PE= Prince Edward Island // QC= Quebec // USA= United States
Acadian Ancestral Home / various
Acadian-Cajun - Gen. & History
Acadian Cultural Society
Acadian Genealogy Homepage
Acadian GenWeb - Home Page
Acadian Memorial - Louisiana / USA
Acadian Recorder - Clippings / PE

Bay St. George Gen. Society / NF

Canadian Genealogy & History Links Cape Breton - History of Mining / NS
Connecticut - French-Cdn. Gen. Soc. / USA
Cheticamp - Home Page / NS
Cheticamp Geneaolgy / NS
Chiasson d'Amerique / various - Search Engine

French-English Dictionary (Translator)

Genealogical Society of Nova Scotia / NS
Global Gazette - Online Magazine
Grand-Pré National Historic Site

Les Trois Pignons - Cheticamp / NS
Link-O-Mania / Acadian Links

National Archives of CANADA / various
Ntl. Institute for Genealogical Studies
Newfoundland Grand Banks Genealogy / NF
New Brunswick Provincial Archives / NB
Nova Scotia Archives & Records / NS
Nova Scotia - Official Tourism Site
Nova Scotia Genealogy Resources / NS
Nova Scotia GenWeb Project / NS

P.E.I - The Island Register / PE
PRDH - Quebec (U. de Montreal) / QC

Quebec Census - Gensource / QC
Quebec Genealogy Resources 1 / QC

Rootsweb Surname List
Rose, George - Genealogy & History / NS

St-Pierre et Miquelon - Genealogy / FR

Vermont - French-Cdn. Gen. Society / USA