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User Guide: (how to use this archive)

If this is your first visit here, taking a few minutes to read this page and understand the layout of this site will inevitably make your visit more enjoyable and productive. It will also save you having to e-mail me to ask. Although, for questions not answered here, please feel free to e-mail me.

Page Name/Number Codes:
Each page is saved as "name/number.html" but you will only see this code in the filenames... it never appears on any page. Simply explained, it works like this...
Using Guyon as an example, his page (file) is named:   Guyon02163801.html

"Guyon": his first name / "02": second generation since France (see my notes below) /
"1638": date of birth / "01": first time the name Guyon is listed with a birth year 1638.
an example of where the last component becomes relevent:
Marguerite (1710), daughter of Gabriel is:  Marguerite04171001
Marguerite (1710), daughter of Jean, is:     Marguerite04171002.

Names in the Master Index:
Using Guyon as an example, each listing comprises the elements explained below:

- Pierre 1
Guyon Chiasson (dit Lavallee) - 1638 (2) (Pierre Chiasson/Marie Perroche)

Lineage:    In the Master Index, the lineage is italicized, above the person's name.

Each name page has a lineage listed on the left side of the page, running right back to Guyon's father, Pierre.

Name:    Each person's name will be a clickable link once their page has been added to the archive. In the case of Guyon, "dit Lavallee" simply means it was his "nickname" (also known as the "dit name") but in some families, the nickname became the name passed down to subsequent generations.

Date of Birth:    Some dates are rather vague but sometimes it is all we have.

Generation Since France:    The (#) following birth date is the generation since France, with Guyon being listed as generation 2. I am not sure why it is done this way, I am simply making it conform with other lists.

Parents:    In the case of the person having more than one marriage, the change will be evident in this list, in the names of the parents of the children. Further details will be on each person's page when completed.

Note:   Place of Birth:
On the "name page" for each person, one additional item is added. Immediately following the date of birth you will see the place of birth if available.

Note:   Place of Marriage:
On the "name page" for each person, immediately following the date of marriage you will see the place of marriage if available.

Other Notes:
-( enfant )-     Indicates a child who died at birth or stillborn. It would essentially be a baby who was not named or baptized.

Missing Information:    Some of the names for which there is no information past childhood may show up in recently available lists of religious. This would explain why there is no further information on some of them in marriage records.

Children With Same Name As Sibling:    It was (and still is in some families) a common practice that if a child died or was still-born, the next baby of the same gender would be named the same name.

Children With Same Name As Mother:    Also, in the case of the death of a mother in childbirth, girls were sometimes named with the mother's name. Even some boys' middle names reflected their mother's name for the same reason. Although when a child is named after the mother, it does not always mean that the mother died.

Name Changes:    Where a name change occurs (eg: Giasson), the line might not be carried down past the second generation of the new name, although this may be expanded at some time in future.

Not A "Family Tree":    Please note that this is not a complete "family tree"... it primarily covers the Chiasson lineage. But it is set up in such a way that it could easily be expanded by anyone interested in doing so.

Sources and Acknowledgements are listed at the bottom of the Master Index.

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