Map of parts of Italy, Switzerland and France.

Chiasso is located just northwest of Como in the tip of the region of
Switzerland known as the Ticino. The journey southwest across the
plains to meet the Tanaro River would have been relatively quite easy.

If you look at the map you can easily identify a route from Alessandria
along the Tanaro and follow that same valley westward as it runs just
north of Nice and Cannes. Provence, a region loyal to Rome, was quite
prosperous as far back as the time of the Roman Emperors. This trade
route was well travelled and migration in both directions quite common.

Reaching the Tanaro, one would connect to the long established and
well-travelled Roman trade route to Provence. It is in this region that
one would find the grassy, rolling hills used for farming and grazing that
we think of when we recall the movie The Sound of Music. Chiasso,
in the Ticino, is set at the northernmost edge of this area, the Swiss
portion historically known as the Gruyere region, is famous for its fine
cheeses and other delicacies as far back as the 11th century AD. We
know Chiassons migrated westward from this area before the 15th
century. We find them in what is now southern France in the mid 15th
century and a more in depth search may find them elsewhere as well.