This Is A FREE Site.

Pay Site? No. This Site Is FREE!

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of this work in these times came as a bit of a surprise. When I started my search in 1985, the most difficult aspect of the search was finding missing information. Although that is still a challenge, the biggest challenge has now become the fact that many who have been searching - and finding - have turned it into a business.

I always hoped that as more information was uncovered, this work would become easier but it is no longer as much a matter of information being missing, as it is a matter of information being held by those who want to be paid for it.

While on one hand I can not argue against someone taking advantage of an opportunity to be paid for their hard work, and it is certainly hard work, and while I may become the bain of those people, this site was started as a co-operative effort to provide a central archive where many amateur genealogists like myself could freely share our information.

This web site will not ever become a pay site. To make it a pay site would betray all the good people who have freely shared their information with me in exchange for other information or simply to further the project. And I will always respect that, and will always be entirely grateful to all who have helped in any way. Recently someone asked if I intended at some point to turn this web site into a pay site. Now you know. This is strictly a labor of love.

Special THANKS to all who have made this project possible.