Step right up, folks, to the GREATEST COMEDY ON EARTH! That is what this whole issue turned out to be.

It all started out in 1985 with me trying to find our family coat of arms. In 1991, I found it... sort of. I had a black and white drawing of it with a description of the colors.

Trying to find a color version of it took another nine years and all manner of disappointing dead-ends, not the least of which was a four hour drive to U. Ste. Anne, where I was told I would find it. I did not.

But thanks to a graphic artist / friend ... ... IT IS FINALLY HERE! ...

... just in time to display it here with the other two ...

The OTHER TWO??? Yes, folks, the other two! Well, there is at least one more version of a Chiasson coat of arms, which I recently discovered on a French web site. I checked it out. It's legitimate.. Then of course, we have the "family crest" which resides in a display at U. Ste. Anne ... it is NOT a coat of arms. And if the person I spoke to on the phone had told me it was not the coat of arms, before I left Halifax, I could have saved a day of travelling for nothing. Ah well, who knows... with any kind of luck, maybe I could collect the whole set!

The original is displayed here in its basic form. As soon as I receive the version with full ornamentation added, I will replace the basic version. It is on the left.

I slowly learned why most genealogists don't even bother with these things. I mean, when you think of what I have been through and for how many years, just to arrive at this, one might rightly question my sanity. Actually, insanity is the only thing that keeps me from going crazy!

So, having learned from my father, that the best way to handle such situations is to throw in the towel, have a good laugh and walk away... Here are the two versions of the Chiasson coat of arms, along with the family crest (on the right) and a fourth item below that, which I must admit, in light of recent developments, has a certain appeal to it as well. Take your pick, folks!